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After a flood hits your home, be very cautious before you power up, plug and turn on your appliances.

Check if your house is the only one without power or if it’s the whole neighborhood. If you’re home is the only one without power, you need to check your home electrical system. Ask a qualified electrician to do this for you.

Please remember these helpful safety reminders:

1. Make sure that the main electrical power switch or circuit breaker is turned off.
2. Unplug all equipment and appliances. Turn off switches of permanently connected equipment. Unscrew all light bulbs if possible.
Remove mud and dirt from the service equipment or main circuit breaker/fuse and its enclosure using proper personal protective gear or equipment, such as rubber gloves, robber-soled shoes and well-insulated pliers.
As a safety precaution always assume the wires are “hot”, “live” or energized whenever working.
3. Allow convenience outlets, switches, electrical wires, sockets, connectors, breakers and other devices to dry completely. Drying may take days, depending on how wet the system is and on external temperature.
4. When all electrical wires and accessories are dry and clean, proper testing must be done to ensure the integrity of the electrical system.
5. Appliances must be completely dry and serviced or checked by a licensed electrician or service center agent. Do not turn on damaged electrical appliances.
6. Be observant and watchful after powering up the house to immediately detect any abnormalities.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If your electric meter was submerged in water, please report this to the Meralco hotline number 16211 or text to 09209716211 (SMART) or 09175516211 (GLOBE). You may also call the Meralco hotline number if you need the services of a licensed electrician.

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