#imagine You Finally Get to See Him After a Long Tour-HARRY

You bounced up and down on your toes, waiting in the baggage claim area for your boyfriend. He's finally coming home from a long tour, and his mom decided to join you. "Oh goodness, I'm shaking!" She grinned, taking your hand and squeezing it. You laughed, "Me too!" His mom rubbed your hand while the two of you hawked out the escalator. Finally, when you saw you Harry's arms peak in site, you and his mom gave each other a look and ran to him, still holding hands. He saw the two of you headed his way and gave the biggest smile, before laughing and running to greet you. Finally, he wrapped the two of you in a tight group hug and kissed both of your heads while you and his mother cried. "I missed you girls!" Harry laughed, holding tighter.

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