Here is my official statement regarding me no longer being admin of the official stalker community. When GSC asked me to make Olga admin of the page (as she wanted to use it to promote the new series of Stalker books) I, of course, said no problem and gave her the admin rights.

The following morning I logged on to facebook as I do every day and one of the things I do first is go through all the latest updates etc on the various pages I moderate and admin.

I open my mail to read a very short and rather rude and un-detailed email saying "We took you off admin, sorry" with no real explination.

I spent hours in a conversation with Olga and Sergiy explaining how hurt and disrespected I felt as after almost 3 years of working on the community, which I founded, to have it just taken away from me was disgusting behaviour.

Basically they lied to me and tricked me. Their intention was to pretend that Olga wanted to work with me on the page (as I am working for Vostok Games now, so she could help spread the work load) only to (the moment they were able) take the page away.

Granted, because it is the official page, by all rights it belongs to GSC Game World, I don't dispute that, but there is a way to do business and show respect to someone who worked for your company for so long and did as much as they could to help a brand they believed in.

So in short, it was not my choice to leave the stalker group. I was tricked into having a page I created stolen from me. The statement posted on facebook was written by me, but I had to remain diplomatic where as here, on my person twitter page I can say what I like.

GSC, Olga & Sergiy have shown they do not appreciate the efforts of the fans, modders and former staff. They are only out for themselves and take every chance they get to get a step ahead.

Also, keep one thing in mind. The only reason they wanted control of the stalker community is to exploit it (advertising the books) for their own finacial gain.

Please retweet this, post it on forums and share it with all your friends.

Joe Mullin (joewillburn)

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