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8th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

Peter King Lashes Out At Media Objections To Anti-Leak Bill!!!!!!!!Like the leaks from the Bush administration claiming WMDs in Iraq? Those kind of leaks? Where was your outrage then? More posturing from the GOP controlled House. Ho hum ... more millions of tax dollars wasted on GOP ideology instead of the running of our country. Orrin Hatch announced to the media that the CIA was tapping Osama's satellite phone, allowing him to escape capture shortly after 911, but not one Republican had a negative word to say about this and the Mormons keep re-electing him. Cheney gets a reporter to plant a fake story about Iraq WMDs in the NYT then goes on TV and quotes it as "fact" to justify an invasion. The amount of leaks from Congress is disgusting and far more common. He is trying to frame this as just a Democratic Administration activity, but it's permeates the entire DC system. Hey Peter King: How about you put a sock in it, alright?

And here's King's bribe list - career to date.

Guess who he works for? (Hint: It ain't his constituents.) @RepPeteKing comments back at you King

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