@GuardianTeach Can't help but think he has this totally wrong, I work at a school that has a flourishing sports programme due to the dedication of certain members of staff devoting so much of their own time running clubs, hosting events and coaching children outside the school day. This has been happening for many years on top of their other responsibilities. We have been very successful in numerous local and national competitions but our main achievement is boasting that every child represents the school in some sort of competition before they leave school. What the PM is blinded by is the fact that one of the main reasons we are winning so many golds at the Olympics is down to previous government providing opportunities for all children to play, enjoy and love sport despite ability. Since the cut in school sport funding the opportunities are deteriorating for all the children to try and experiment with different sports, the only way you can get the best is by competing in numbers. Imagine an Olympic gold medalist being the pinnacle, underneath is national championship, followed by regional, county and finally club or school competition. If the gold medalist was never provided with the opportunity to first participate and enjoy a sport at the earliest level before competing and then excelling, he would have never reached that final goal. Having watched the success from these games it has made me question whether the government will reconsider providing more funding as if it stays the way it is, we are going to really be disappointed and even embarrassed at the next few Olympics.

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