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5th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] 12 Plus Advances the cosmetic market with top Asian superstars as presenters.

Osotspa advances into the face powder market by introducing their new product "12 Plus Miracle Double Aura Lucent BB Powder". The company utilises the budget of 150 million baht (aprox US$4.76 million) to bring in two top Asian super stars; Choi Siwon of Super Junior and Tiffany from Girls’ Generation as their presenters. They expect that with this strategy will generate revenue growth on cosmetic products by at least 35% this year.

Wayama Prasertsakul, Marketing Director of 12 Plus cosmetic brands, revealed that "Introducing cosmetic products is our main strategy. The cosmetic market itself is dynamic, the value of the market is currently at 13,000 million baht (aprox US$412.91 million) with a growth of 7-8% per year. The market segment for face powder is 40% of the whole market. In addition, 12 Plus target market is aimed at students who has the potential to be variant/dynamic/changing with what they use. Therefore, we see that with the new product "12Plus Miracle Double Aura Lucent BB Powder" will be able to satisfy the need of our customers. (This bit goes on about the qualities of this powder)."

To make the new product be known as quickly as possible, 12 Plus brought in presenters: Siwon and Tiffany. 12 Plus believes that using them as presenters would allow them to be known in the international market. Moreover, this is the first time Tiffany is a presenter in Thailand. By having Tiffany as the presenter on and off stage of "12Plus Miracle Double Aura Lucent BB Powder", 12 Plus hopes that this would show and guarantee the quality of the product. (They talk about what goes on in the CF)The advertisement itself would be release on August 26, 2012 onwards.

Furthermore, 12 Plus will be utilising 360 degree of marketing medium, for example, TV, cable TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, online, Road Shows in shops and universities, in order to encourage their target market to try their products. This also includes events for consumers, such as Meet & Greet with the artists, promotions continually at point of sale. 12 Plus also has a plan to complete their "12Plus Miracle Double Aura Lucent Series" product line, which would lead to better satisfaction of their target market (universities/school girls).

"12Plus Miracle Double Aura Lucent BB Powder" has a net amount of 9 grams, price is at 209 baht and is available local department stores and shops.

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