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4th Aug 2012 from Twitlonger

Excerpt from @brianmaycom 's letter in @OIQFC Summer Newletter: his perspective of the Queen + Adam Lambert shows & wonderful comments about @adamlambert.

"Hi folks,

Well, as Queen tours go, it was...short!

But really quite amazing. We put a lot of work into rehearsing the show with Adam Lambert...and it was quite an undertaking. Especially since there was no chance to 'warm up' before we plunged into a huge gig in front of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians! But every step we took out there, in Kiev, Moscow, Wroclaw and good old Hammersmith, we felt there was magic in the air. It all feel very worth-while.
For me, it was amazing to work out front with Adam, because he, like Freddie, is a very spatially connected was constantly stimulating for me play with the available space on stage and use it to project to maximum power out to the audience - and back again. Like in the old days, the show felt interactive, and fun. And what an extraordinary voice!

The music, in a situation like this, does catch fire, and I thought there were some really great 'loose' moments on that tour.

I have to thank once again our fans - our audience, our friends around the world, who once again gave back energy in bucket-loads...and made the whole experience very rewarding."

"Roger and I are now preparing ourselves mentally for an appearance in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, which was supposed to be a secret but it's definitely well leaked by now! Every day a new adventure. I am thankful, grateful and blessed! What does the future hold? I don't know...but I guess that's always why there is fun to be had. Take care out there...

Much rockin' to be done!

With love, Bri "

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