[Trans-JP trial]Sumo association claimed it was sued by avex to "teach them a lesson"

Statement of the Sumo Association's side submitted to the Tokyo District Court on July 20 is described below:

"Avex claimed that the Sumo Association had infringed the rights of Avex by working with C-jes and Zak. Sumo Association had the right to allow rental of the hall and there was no reason to revoke the permit for the concert (author's note: JYJ concert).

In relation to the facts of the case, if avex is claiming that the Sumo association will have to bear the responsibility to pay for damages by the mere fact of renting the hall, in the future, if the hall was rented to a person, that person can also claim damages against the Sumo association. If that is the case, then the business will crumble down to nothing.

The issue between c-jes and avex about JYJ should be resolved between two parties. The Sumo association is a completely unrelated story. The Sumo association was only sued to teach us a lesson."

Source: http://onotoshiroudesu.net/archives/13251702.html

Translator note:
I omitted the author's comments and only translated the court records.
To refresh your memory, the Sumo Association has rented the sumo hall (place where sumo wrestling is held) to Zak corporation to use for JYJ's charity event last June 2011. The JSA (Japan sumo association) is the only one who provided JYJ a venue to hold the charity event for the Tsunami victims. So avex sued them.
Yokohama and Saitama arenas have originally accepted but cancelled after receiving a call from avex.

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