.@bunbunnyny We're building unique festivals for every official world that's released so far from various expansions or The Sims 3 Store. If you start a new game in a world, the festival lot for that world will already be in place - typically it'll replace the main park in the world. If you're loading a previously created save game after installing Seasons, you'll be asked if you'd like to add the festival to your world, and it will show you exactly which lot it intends to replace. You'll also have the option to manually place it somewhere else if you prefer. For all of the worlds, both the festival lot, and the lot it's replacing will be in the community lot bin in Edit Town so that you can swap them out at any later point if you choose as well, or you can add one of them to a custom world (where they won't auto place). For people who enjoy building custom worlds, they're certainly able to create their own festival lots that will switch throughout the various seasons as users play in their worlds. All of the functionality of the lot changing its appearance throughout the world is controlled by a Seasonal Lot Marker object that's available in buydebug. This marker will allow you to change what objects appear on a lot in any season; but it does not allow you to update things on lots that are controlled by build mode tools, such as walls or terrain height. You'll even be able to use the Seasonal Lot Marker to update other community or residential lots to change throughout the year if you'd like! RT @bunbunnyny @SimGuruGraham I'm sorry, I think I asked this earlier, but are you allowed to describe the tech of how festivals are automatically set up?

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