.@Sim1233 The various types of weather will be present in all home worlds from expansions, the Sims 3 store, and even custom user worlds. Weather will not occur in the World Adventures locations though. Longer answer: The unfortunate reality is that when Sims visit a World Adventure location, their life back home is essentially put on hold - there's no real concept of time passing in those adventure worlds. Because time doesn't pass, there aren't seasons there. The seasons drive our weather systems throughout the year, so without seasons there isn't weather. For us to get all of that working in the adventure worlds at a quality level acceptable to us would have unfortunately taken too many resources away from developing other fun features in Seasons. I hope everyone will understand; I'm one of the biggest World Adventures fans around so I'm right there with you guys in wanting them to get some TLC when we're able to. RT @Sim1233 @SimGuruGraham will the World Adventures Maps be affected with Seasons? #TS3Supernatural #TS3SuperSeasons @TheSims3

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