I wholeheartedly agree w/ @LucasSiegel that threats of ANY kind against anyone at @Newsarama over a 10 Best/10 Worst List is insane and uncalled for.

But insults? Can the authors of the piece HONESTLY say that they DIDN'T expect insults when they put SUPERMAN'S Christopher Reeve down for one of the WORST Comic Book Movie Performances? REALLY? You didn't anticipate ANY of your regular readership getting worked up over that? Wasn't working up a section of fandom over a choice like that the POINT?

There are lots of things that I do in my work that I know-- going in-- are going to strike a nerve with my VERY passionate audience. But I do it anyway, because at the end of the day I stand by those choices and honestly believe they're in the service of telling a good story. You can't throw something THAT controversial out there and NOT expect to get a passionate reaction. Not with THIS crowd. I mean... what show have you been watching up till now?! C'mon.

Seriously, what were you EXPECTING? Polite golf claps, a tip of the chapeau, and a hearty, "Bold choice, sirrah! Bold choice indeed!"

On the death threats-- I'm right there with you. NOTHING merits that.
But the insults? Sorry, you don't get to pull out the wagging finger on those.



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