#MiniFANMEET Fan" Jungah unnie, why did you cut your fringe?"
A.S :to look younger!!!!
MC to fan: Does that mean you dont like it!?"
Fan: nooooo~
A group of Playgirlz saying: To get married!!
A.S: hahahhaha!
Juyeon: To look at least one year younger!
Jungah: But i did really regret it after cutting it!
fan: why!?
fan2: Its pretty!
fan3: its cute
Jungah: Yeah! to look cute!
fans: ah.................
Jungah: I'm joking! joking! It was covering my eyes so..I'll Quickly grow it!
MC: Which one does Jungah look better? with it or without it?
Fans: Without it!!!!
Fan1: with it!
Juyeon: Doesnt suit both!
A.S: hahhaha
Fans: ahaha
MC: okay! then will make it as that it looks good with both!

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