To quote Arthur Conan Doyle, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” And Kristen betraying Robert of her own free will is 100% impossible, therefore there’s some X factor that we aren’t aware of operating here. Drugs. Chemical imbalance. Sanders slipped her a roofie. For all I know she was under a fucking Imperius Curse. Whatever is going on, whatever happened, I know this in my heart and soul, I know this in my bones, the Kristen in those photos was NOT in full possession of herself. If she were, it wouldn’t have happened. In full possession of herself, she would NOT betray Robert like that. If she were truly that dissatisfied with Rob, she’d have broken up with him, cried her tears, and moved the hell on. She would not have tried to “better deal” him…as if that greasy slime ball could be a better deal.

And that’s another thing. I mean, for the love of God…Rupert Sanders? That paunchy, unattractive, greasy, fumbling, bumbling nebbish? That alone tells me that she was not in full possession of herself.

I have no clue what led to this, or what’s fueling this tragedy in progress. But I know one thing to the depths of my sappy fan boy heart. Kristen does not need our hate right now. Wherever she is, her soul and heart are in a very dark place, and she’s being punished far more brutally by her own conscience than anything we could possibly mete out to her. Remember who the REAL villain is here. So far he’s gone virtually untouched, at least in my line of sight. And stop tearing at each other. We are friends, acquaintances, and sisters, and brothers. Each and every one of us has a right to his or her feelings in this dark time. Even those of you who think I’m just another vacuous shipper are entitled to think so. That doesn’t mean I won’t go back to arguing with you up and down my time line once the current crisis is done, but for now…PAX. Just love them and support them. I know she did a wrong thing. However we don’t know the whole story, we may never know the whole story, and I swear to you that was NOT HER. That may have been her body, but the girl we’ve come to love and respect the last four years was not in charge of it. I would swear it to you on my own blood.

Time now to do the real fan boy thing. I need talk to some people. Think of this as a prayer if you must. Cast into the aether in hopes that it will find its way to where it’s needed. If you aren’t as sappy as me, then avert your fucking eyes. Because, being vastly ashamed of myself for the way I’ve carried on, I need to talk.

Kristen? Well, pretty girl, we are in something of a pickle. We fans like to imagine ourselves as your friend and confidant, while knowing damn good and well that you and Rob are utterly beyond our experience. So be it. But I have eyes and I have a heart. I don’t know what was going on, but I DO know you’d rather die than hurt him the way that you did. Have heart, dear girl. I can feel it in my gut that all is not lost. As long as you don’t do anything rash or irrevocable, there’s still hope. Be good, listen to the right people, take time to heal, and when you’re ready, come back to us.

Robert? Well, mi hijo, you’re in a tough place right now. Kind of like I imagine “the change” is in the Saga. Burning up from the inside out? I’ve been there. Yours is worse. Mine was a girlfriend whom I could get over (in 20 years or so), yours is the other half of your soul. I’ll give you the same advice I gave Kristen. Don’t. Don’t do anything rash or irrevocable. Come home. Wherever you are, come home, take your girl, and disappear for a while. Even if you can’t make it work again, like it was, any healing either of you do will still have to be begun TOGETHER. Come home, face the dragon, and turn it’s ass into some nice luggage. That’s what we’re for, you know; us men; the decent ones that is; to slay dragons for them because we love them. Slay the dragon of your anger and grief, and come home.

So, here we are, at a turning point. Where we go from here rests on many things, but mostly with us. I’m staying. I will fight for them, love them, and support them, just like I always have. Both of them. I would rather plunge a knife into my own beating heart than see them in the state that they are now. And I’ve never felt so helpless and yet so empowered in my life.

Robsten may be gone, and rightly so, because that was a tacky burden that we should never have placed on them, but Robert and Kristen are still here. Keep the faith my brothers and sisters.

#SupportRob #SupportKristen

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