Katherine Jackson had been trying to come in contact with me for several months now. The foolishness you all witness now, started right after my leaving Hollywood and the title both.
The past few months the Jacksons became more adamant in claiming their fantasy share as well as getting the estate executives removed on the behalf of another party. THE Will is forged is their anthem, we wanna have money, their slogan and remove the estate lawyers, is the mission assigned to them.

The WILL is authentic. It has been closely examined and thoroughly investigated by the courts. The estate executives have been personally appointed by me and the lawyers have papers to prove this. My dear people, not everything is revealed to the public.

The JACKSONS cannot claim any share in any court of law unless the executives are removed somehow through use of Katherine; which is their only hope. However, KATHERINE cannot fire the executives or change their methods legally. she can not dictate the estate executives or replace them with people of her choice. SHE CAN ONLY LEARN TO BEAR WITH THE SYSTEM THAT IS IN PLACE AT THE MOMENT.

However,Katherine wanted to meet me before anything goes to court. She wanted me to give her children money through the estate. She wanted to solve this problem as she always solved it; through pleading, through making me realize I have a duty towards my family,by making me realize that I can give my hard earned money to the children not biologically mine but not to those who are my own blood and flesh, and by saying that I have enough money and I should share it with my family because because, I don't really know the philosophy.

I have been providing for my family since a very very young age. my brothers became lazy because my father used my mother to have money from me and give it to all of them.This arrangement damaged my brothers as they never became used to to earn for themselves. I BESEECH KATHERINE JACKSON NOT TO HARM HER CHILDREN ANY FURTHER. I have stopped providing for my brothers, their grown children, their expensive life styles and extensive families almost the last 2 years. I have given them enough in the past and they floundered it all.

I am not responsible for lazy,uncouth Jacksons. if I have money it does not mean its for them, an unending supply without a days honest work.

I have been always told by my family that if I would try to leave them or say anything about them that does not show them in good light, outsiders will take advantage of me and I will lose my reputation as a family man and hence lose my fan base and their unconditional love.

I have been brain washed into believing this that without my family standing behind me, I will not be acceptable to my fans. This blackmailing continued throughout my career and is one of the reasons I Would lie on the media like the rest of the Jacksons that we are a close knit family;I never felt close to them in my life ever. Although I loved them but never felt we were anything like a loving close knit family.
MRS KATHERINE visited me after 3 years.She wanted me to get this settled out of court. I say to her,I do not feel any compassion for her deceiving greedy kids. She is my mother and I love her, but I will not be blackmailed. I do not care about what the fan base might think or not.

She was kept away from my children by her children deliberately. They want her to go to court against me, after our meeting failed. Her children knowing I have a stubborn nature and will not change what I believe in.Its not war. The Jacksons are not strong enough to wage a war against me. Its just a desperate attempt to destroy me again. I just say to the Jacksons you are going to hell, and I mean it.
Thank you for your time- Michael Jackson

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