#StopGreenHill GREAT NEWS: the legal custody of the dogs was entrusted to LAV (Anti-Vivisection League) and Legambiente (League for the Environment). Vets who visited the dogs said their health conditions are delicate, especially for the females used for reproduction that will need a longer period of rehabilitation. So the dogs are now being transferred to different places on the basis of their age and health conditions, they will be rehabilitated and then given for adoption. Unfortunately if Green Hill was acquitted the dogs would be returned to Green Hill. Three people (Green Hill’s vet, director and president) are charged with several crimes, in particular animal cruelty, and also the Asl of Brescia (local health office which gave GH the licence to breed the dogs) is under internal investigation asked by the president of the region Roberto Formigoni (our e-mails worked). The investigation goes on and I wait for more news to tell you. Thank for all you’re doing it means a lot for animals!

In the mean time please keep spreading this important petition :

See also the website of SAVE THE HARLAN BEAGLES campaign:


Air China still has not committed to ending the transport of primates to their deaths in laboratories where they are routinely infected with deadly diseases or have experimental chemicals forced down their throats.

To make matters worse, Air China was recently cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for four violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act stemming from incidents in which laboratory-bound monkeys either escaped or were injured as a result of the dangerous and inadequate enclosures that Air China used aboard its flights. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has also confirmed that it has an open investigation into Air China for violating federal law.

Please take a moment to call Air China at 718-995-0955 and politely urge the company to join China Southern Airlines, China Airlines, and dozens of other companies in the cargo and passenger airline industry in refusing to fly monkeys destined for laboratories.


ffp@airchina.com, customer_relations@airchina.com, ffpvip@airchina.com, webmaster@mail.airchina.com,
webmaster@airchina.com, acclax@airchina.com, sfo@airchinacargo.com, wangjian@airchina.com, helen.yin@airchinacargo.com, nl.airchina@gmail.com, liuxusheng@airchina.com, sales@airchina.dk, dus@airchina.com, web@airchina.es, Arlanda@airchina.se

Sample message:

I was shocked to learn that Air China is one of only a few airlines that continue to transport primates to laboratories. Primates in laboratories are routinely mutilated, poisoned, deprived of food and water, forcibly immobilized in restraint devices, infected with painful and deadly diseases and psychologically tormented. Additionally, primates suffer from the long and grueling transport in the cargo holds of planes and in the backs of trucks. For these reasons, other airline companies–including Cathay Pacific, China Southern Airlines, and China Airlines–refuse to transport primates for use in experiments.

Please join other leading airlines in adopting a formal policy prohibiting the transport of primates destined for laboratories and ensure that Air China plays no role in the suffering of these highly intelligent and sensitive animals.

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