Major Spoilers - Private Practice episode 6.01 sides -

Short summary of the sides:

Secretary - (location AA meeting) Amelia stands at the podium and thanks them for saving her life more than once. After she steps down, the secretary announces a 15 minute coffee break.

Josie (love interest for a main male character) - She wakes up in his bedroom. He brings breakfast (pancakes and juice) into the bedroom. She asks him if they are cinnamon. He says "your favorite". She comes out of the bathroom and kisses him. Suddenly, the room shakes. He says there is an earthquake and you safe the juice. She tells him she was saving the juice from the pancakes. She said she didn't know how it was going to be the first night at his place. She usually tosses and turns/stares at the ceiling. He tells her she slept like a baby. Sides say: they continue to be adorable. They are at the hospital. He walks down the hall with Josie, who is in scrubs. They start talking about someone who broke the rules and has to serve time with a spouse and kid (the sides say Cynthia, but I am almost positive they are just talking about Pete here and changed the gender). Josie tells him it is easier to take chances when you are single. She says it is a good thing you met me. He smiles and says about that "I think we have been outed". Josie says good because when a guy doesn't tell his friends you don't know where you stand. He apologizes. They kiss in the hallway. (note: pretty sure this is Sam)

Debra - A pregnant woman. Jake and Violet case. It is just all medical.

There seems to be a big time jump.

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