#Bahrain #torture #HumanRights Press Release Monday 23rd July 2012. Three torture victims are due to have verdicts to their appeals delivered this Wednesday 25th July in Bahrain. They are:

Younis Ashoori http://www.doctorsinchains.org/?page_id=568
Jaffer Salman http://www.eye4freedom.org/category/victims/jaffer-salman/
Ali Hamaidan http://www.eye4freedom.org/ali-hamaidan/

This will be a good test to see if the Bahrain regime is serious about reform and implementation of BICI recommendations.

For more details on any of the above cases, including transcripts to the court hearings of Younis Ashoori, or permission to use photos/video from above links, please email Jamila Hanan on campaignbahrain@gmail.com

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