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23rd Jul 2012 from Twitlonger

Been staring at this script for DAYS. And then -click- the switch went off and I found that elusive piece I was looking for. :-) Love it when that happens.

Whenever you're REALLY stuck, go back to CHARACTER. The character drives the story. And from scene to scene the character MUST go through some kind of "state change." Where they are at the end of the scene/story needs to be a different place from where they started. Or we (the audience) just don't care.

(THAT is one of the reasons inventory stories usually suck. Because-- more often than not-- they have to leave the character RIGHT back where they started. And that is BO-RING.)

Ever get stuck, a good question to ask yourself is "What is my character's state change at the end of this scene/story?" Where's the NEW place (emotionally) that they've landed/brought themselves/been tricked to/crashed?

(I know this sounds like advice, but I'm really writing it all down for my own benefit so past-me can help future-me if he gets into this jam again.) :-D


Back to work...

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