In an effort to set the record straight regarding the recent Jackson Family controversies, I can say that Paris Jackson's recent Twitter posts shows that she is concerned about the whereabouts of her grandmother, Ms. Katherine Jackson, and has tried to contact her without success over the past 5 days. An inside source confirms that Paris has been told that Ms. Jackson is unavailable and cannot speak to her. Knowing that Michael Jackson’s children are very important to Ms. Jackson and that she would not purposely go 24-hours without contacting them, is causing a growing concern on behalf of her grandchildren about her safety and whereabouts.

It has also been confirmed that Ms. Jackson did NOT suffer a stroke. She is in good health, is still sharp in her mind, business dealings and family decisions. Ms. Jackson is an amazing guardian and grandmother to Michael Jackson’s children and they love and respect her. The only concern is that she contact her grandchildren forthwith to let them know that she is alright and that nothing is wrong.

The goal in making this post is to set the record straight and to acknowledge that we love the entire Jackson Family and want to stay prayerful that all controversies and family differences be worked out amicably, truthfully and in the best interest of all concerned.

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