In 2008, #Romney gave McCain 23 tax returns. He released his 2010 return to the public but withheld the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts. (Will we see the 2011 return by October, as promised?) But one or two years remain completely shielded from outside eyes--'08/'09.

In 2009, the IRS breached long-standing Swiss banking anonymity and uncovered evidence of major tax evasion by US citizens. Offering amnesty over possible prosecution, the agency recovered billions from 15,000 citizens that year.

I do not know if Romney ever failed to report his off-shore accounts to the IRS. If so, I don’t know if he sought amnesty in 2009 to avoid the previously unfathomable prospect of criminal prosecution. But as a former criminal prosecutor and civil judge, I do know the inquiry is valid. And if he did? Then he must guard those returns with his political life. Read my latest blog post for more information and to watch a clip of my commentary on PoliticsNation.

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