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17th Jul 2012 from Twitlonger

Ethics and moral values, social behaviour, family codes, etc. are all not different for men and women. The difference between a man and a woman is the biological disparity citing a certain amount of limitations on women. Then the greatest responsibility for progeny makes it more demanding on women to stick to socio-ethical or behavioral norms.

While drinking or smoking can not be accepted or justified for men, women are completely looked down for such things for the reasons cited above. They have a larger and a more responsible role in shaping the family therefore a society.
Men who drink and cause family and public inconvenience are no way to be justified/condoned.

Sometimes public apathy also leads to stupid courage to do such atrocities like the Guwahati incident. In what way an act of stripping and molestation justified even if the girl had been at a pub?
Previously it was a mejority of women being wronged by men. Now boys also complain equally about girls not being fair to their relationships.
Whatever it is or whatever is being reported as happening is not giving us any encouraging scenario.

Kalimuthina ippidi irukkum appidi irukkumnu solluvanga. Adhu ippadithano?

I have and will always believe this bharata bhoomi to be a punya bhoomi and whenever there is a challenge on Dharma, all the Gods will help us to set it right. Let us all pray together and wish and act for justice. Tathastu.

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