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Bieber Love Story - Chapter 16 - 101 Things - "We were so close but it felt just so far away"

Justin's POV:

I woke up in the morning by the light of the sun creeping from the curtain. i rubbed my eyes as i groaned. I took a look beside me only to found out no one was there. Then the memories of what happened last night flooding my mind. If it were up to me, i'd just erase my memories of last night completely. I tried to sit on the bed as i felt sudden pain on my head. I felt dizzy and it felt like my head was spinning around. Groaning in pain, i putted my hand on my head immediately. I squeezed my eyes and putted my feet on the ground - sitting up still. Trying to adjust myself, i finally stood up and made my way towards the door. As soon as i opened it, i soon regretted it. Guilts running down my body as i stared at the view in front of me.

Tay's POV:

I opened my eyes to found out myself laying on the floor on my right side. Needed a moment for me to eventually realize i was still at Justin's house. My cheeks pressed against the cold floor while both my arms pressed against my chest. My body was shaking slightly from all the cold air. And the fact i was still wearing the dress from last night made it even worse. I pulled both my knees closer to my chest. My body was too weak to even got up. I tried to made a move by rubbing my eyes. But as soon as i got my right hand up, pain shot all over it and it made my right hand fell back almost instantly. I moaned softly in annoyance since i couldn't do not such a thing but only laid helplessly on the floor and waiting for someone to help me. And to know the fact the only person who could help me out this time was being all mad at me. I started to close my eyes and back to sleep but snapped it open as soon as i heard the door opened. I tried to adjust the brightness that came out from the room. I squinted my eyes as i trailed my eyes from the feet up to the body of the person in front of me. Just the look of his face made my heart broke into pieces. I understood very well what he felt at this moment. All of them written so perfectly and obviously all over his face. He gulped as he saw me staring right at him. There was thousand words that i wanted to say to him right away there and then. But i couldn't even open my mouth. I was too weak at that moment to even do anything. How i wanted to tell him how much i love him and sorry for even doubted him and those moment i thought he never loved me. How i wanted to tell him to ended this stupid fight and to tell me everything is gonna be alright. How i missed his comforting hug and assuring smile. And missed all the sweet words he would whispered to me only for me to hear. I closed my eyes and thought of all the possibility. The possibility of what might happened if i could just ignored the invitation to the party and go cuddle with him instead while we watch a movie. I was so deep in thought that i didn't even hear any footsteps coming. Before i knew it, two warms wrapped tightly around my body as i got picked up. An arm wrapped around my back and the other wrapped around my legs. I opened my eyes and found his hazel brown eyes looking down at mine. I put my face in the crook of his neck. The smell of him made me missed him even more. The thought of losing him made me never wanted to let go. "I'm sorry", he whispered so softly as he walked back to his room - picking me up bridal style. He kissed my forehead and i dug my face deeper in the crook of his neck. Tears rolled down on my cheeks and before i knew it, i was sobbing and shaking quiet hard. Justin put me down on the middle of his bed. It was sweet of him that even though i had doubted him, he still remembered that i couldn't sleep on the side of the bed or i might going to fall from the bed. He let go of my legs and tucked me in bed. He pulled the blanket over my body. "Shit. I'm sorry tay. I am so so so sorry. Shit. Shit. Shit", he whispered panickly when he saw all the bruises on my right hand. I chuckled slightly and gave him a weak smile. "Its fine", i whispered back. He shook his head immediately. "No. Don't try to reassure me", he said as he walked out somewhere. He was back a minute later with few medicines and stuffs and he sat on the bed and kissed all the bruises before put some medicine on it. "Ssshhh...", he hissed when i groaned softly in pain. He was about to leave when he had done with it before i grabbed his thumb with my left arm. "Stay... Please...", i whispered. "I'm not going anywhere babe. I'm just gonna put this back to where it belongs", he said softly as he rubbed my hand with his fingers. I let go of his thumb and saw his figure disappeared. I was too weak to even kept my eyes open. My eyelids felt just so heavy that i couldn't keep it open any longer and dozed off to sleep.

When i woke up i just felt all better. I got more strength of my body this time. I rubbed my eyes with my left arm and sat up on the bed. Looked out at the clock and it said that it was 3pm already. i smiled a little as i remembered what happened this morning earlier. He was still care about me. The door opened and there he was - standing there with a bowl on his left hand and a glass of water on his right. "Oh you're awake already", he said as he closed the door with his feet. í smiled to him as he walked towards me on the bed. "I made you chicken soup. It probably tastes like liquid poop but i made this. so.... still.....", he said jokingly. He sat down on the bed now. Taking both his legs up on the bed also. "I'm going to feed you now, sleepy head", he said again and smile. I chuckled lightly. He brought the spoon up from the bowl and blew the soup few times since it was still quiet warm. Then he feeding me. It was good. It actually didn't taste like shit. It even tasted better than the one i usually made. I blinked few times and asked him "you sure you mad this?". "Yup", he said popping the 'p'. I nodded and he fed me more. "Justin im sorry", i said softly as he put the bowl down on his bedside table. "I should have not doubted you", i continued. He looked at me blankly before he eventually said, "i should be the one who say sorry...... I hurt you", he looked at my right arm. "But i was the one who made you mad at me". "It doesn't matter. I should've known better than to hurt a girl", he gulped then looked down to the spaces between us. I looked down to the blanket and fiddled with my fingers. We were so close but it felt just so far away. And i hate knowing he was right in front of me yet i couldn't touch him.

"I hate fighting with you", he said after a moment of silence. I looked up to see him and he looked up to. "I hate fighting with you too", i whispered. "I hate knowing i have doubted you without think twice about it. And i hate to see you hurt and looked at me in disgust", i said. He smiled a little. "Come here", he said as he opened both his arms. I got out of the blanket and crawled to his body. It felt just so good to eventually back in his arms. Feeling his embraces. He held me tight and made me harder to breath. But i didn't mind. I was never mind bout it. Because i knew that he missed me as much as i missed him. And that i know that he loved me as much as i loved him. I dug my face deeper on his chest. He kissed top of my head few times and murmured, "don't make me angry, tay. Cause you would never like to see the angry me". And to be honest, i didn't like it. What i saw last night wasn't him. He was so cruel and didn't even think bout me last night. He was so rough and it hurt me to saw him like that. He wasn't this justin last night. But no matter what, i loved him. I loved him with all my heart. "I won't", i mumbled into his chest. "You are so little and you are too weak. I'm afraid of it sometimes.....", he murmured again. At first i thought he was joking. But he wasn't. So i just nodded my head and grabbed his jawline. His eyes were so breath-taking. It looked down on mine. I put my hand on his cheek as he caressed mine with his hand. I looked down at those perfect eyes down to his cute nose button and to his soft plump lips. He licked his lips before he eventually pressed down his lips on mine. And those when the butterflies back to singing and dancing in my stomach. And i swear i never wanted to let that moment go.

Sorry for keeping yall for sooooo long for this chapter. And i keep on getting nice feedbacks and i really am happy about it. :) and thanks so much. Love all of u.


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