Rough google translation of @apelzin's review on Moscow @QueenWillRock & @adamlambert gig


The most talked about show of the year took place in "Olympic" July, 3.
The legendary group Queen has presented a two-hour show with temporary frontman American hit-maker Adam Lambert.

Before proceeding to review the concert, I had to force myself to take a break: a large thins are seen from a distance, and after a week all thoughts became irrelevant and it could be completely balanced description of all that was (for those who were not able to be there and should now judge about the show by the meager reports in the press or chaotic records in the blogs). And the first thing became seen - this show, which has given to rise talks from the early beginning got heightened response among music lovers after finish.
But first things shoud be first.


Rumors about possible alliance of Queen and Adam Lambert appeared almost after the first joint appearance in 2009 on the stage of the project "American Idol", has an analogue in Russia as a show, "Narodnii Artist." Then two people got the right to sing with the famous British artists: Kris Allen, who later became the winner of the project, and Adam Lambert, the runner-up. Once again, Brian May and Roger Taylor came up with Adam Lambert in 2011 at a ceremony "MTV Europe Music Awards". According to a survey of spectators, who watched the show in the hall and on-line, this performance was considered to be the best moment of the ceremony. By the time the American singer was preparing to release his somophore solo album, "Trespassing". So once again heightened speculation about a possible tour in alliance with British rockers have caused a new wave of discussion among fans of the singer, who considered that because of this, Adam may again postpone the release of the album, and sacrifice their own careers. As well as among perplexed and "true fans» Queen, who thought that the place of Freddie Mercury's holy, and the group has no right to sing after his departure, despite the fact that it was Brian May and Roger Taylor founded a group & invited Freddie Mercury lately. However, when at the end of winter artists management at least announced that the "Show Must Go On" in the Queen + Adam Lambert format. Tickets for only 2 gigs (in Moscow and at the festival "Sonisphere" at Knebworth (UK)) were selling off like hot cakes in the cold winter. But it seems that everything was done to make talk non-stop about new alliance all around the world. British Festival, where the Royal British have been declared to be frontmen as well as Kiss and Faith No More, was canceled. The Moscow concert was declared to be the only gig in the history of Queen. A little later, members of the group announced that performances would not be 2, but 6: in Kiev (June 30), Moscow (July 3), Wroclaw (July 7), London (July 11,12,14). As a result Moscow # QueenBert became known as just the most expensive one: to music lovers tickets for "Olympic Arena" cost from 1,700 to 30,000 rubles.

At the microphone

You can search for a special symbolism in the fact that "Royal Group" appeared in the "Olympic" is almost on the eve of the start of the 2012 Olympics in London. Even abstracting from this fact, the analogy with sports, in this case is acceptable. The sound in the "Olympic" as bad as indicators of our athletes in all kind of sports. Therefore, it was worth it to expect something extraordinary from the sound, because Brian May’s perfectionism. But, even though it the first songs were left much to be desired, and on one of the songs Brian did not immediately turn on the microphone. And the acoustics of the hall, too, played a joke with the audience. Given that the result was not observed in the sold-out hall, one of the issues and have not received an answer, was "Why did you choose" Olympic "? On the other hand, it seems, got the answer the question which sounded from the lips of ordinary citizens & those who consider themselves "true fans of Queen» and proclaimed «Queen can’t exist, because Freddie Mercury is dead." As shown by the gig in Kiev, Moscow and held at the time the article was the show in Wroclaw, Queen there, its sound still dominates the stadiums, and the voice of 30-year-old Adam Lambert sounds with so much power as the voice of Freddie did. And Freddie, contrary to all the fears is still a member of the Royal Group and gets applause perhaps even more violent than it was 20 years ago. Because these legends live forever.
Realizing this, and showing true respect for the heritage of the great groups, the American singer behaved very modestly on the scene, they could not fail to notice those who are well acquainted with his own performances, and well remember what a teaser Freddie was. However, this behavior is bordered with a solid understanding of what the song Adam Lambert performs Queen, and he has to sing as he sings, and none other. Otherwise, the show will be ersatz. And because many of the songs were arranged specifically for him. It is possible that the reason for that was not only a desire to project participants show a 4-octave vocal range Lambert, who is especially good in the lyrical songs. An inevitable factor in the revision of sound - the age and general state of the masters. But rumors that Brian May's worried about the pain in the wrist remained speculation. God-like, by the words of Ivan Urganta, Brian May, who starred on stage, and a duel between Roger on drums and Rufus Taylor was one of the highlights of the evening.

A special guest of the Moscow show was Zemfira. The russian rock singer who sang earlier with the Queen, contrary to expectations, choose to perform not rushing hit, but a very touching song "Life Is Real". The remarkable penetration and crystal purity of her voice left impress even those people who was perplexed about her invitation before the concert. Everything was done subtly, tastefully: and if someone did try to delete a act from the show, it would be greatly impoverished.

Queen surprised once again.

Behind the scenes

July 14th to be held last appearance Queen and Adam Lambert, unless the British did not want to give a long-awaited show in America. The loudest Alliance 2012 will cease to exist this summer and become part of history. But there are those who in defiance of common sense and all allegations of the project participants, will be again and again to compare the temporal and the eternal vocal frontmen, trying to prove "who is better." Haters will hardly listen to reason that could dot the «i» and reconcile the supporters of one another. But there is such peacemaking reason - Adam Lambert and Freddie Mercury are completely different. Adam's voice is as an atlas, Freddie's - like velvet, and both are valuable to the music world . Otherwise it would not lead their way to one stage scene even if was done with a gap in time in 20 years.

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