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12th Jul 2012 from Twitlonger

My Opinion Of Larry Stylinson.

-this is purely opinion. if you don't agree, keep it to yourself. i'm pretty sure even if you tell me I won't care. k? kay.


Well... how do I start? I'm actually not going to lie. Louis and Harry are my favorite bromance in One Direction. I really love them together and before last week it seemed like every 'true' fan practically had to ship them, or they were Directionators. Remember those days? Larry Stylinson was like the bible for Directioners. We loved them, we supported them. But now, what's changed?

Apparently Louis has said he doesn't like it, seeing as he's with Eleanor. And truthfully? We should respect that. Imagine if everyone was saying your boyfriend was gay and he was making out with his male best friend every time they were alone. Yeah? That's how Eleanor feels. And Louis? It can't be great for him, either. I mean, I bet Louis and Harry have talked about it and so have Louis and Eleanor. Which would be pretty damn awkward given the situation, don't you think?

And so now no one's allowed to ship them anymore, because 'Louis doesn't like it.' Well. If I post a fanfic or a tweet about them it's not like they're going to see it. Get real. How often do they see your tweets anyway? I don't tweet it to them. But inside I will always ship Harry and Louis and nothing they say can change that. I don't start rumors. So what am I doing wrong? I can't simply change my opinion. No one can make me.

I know I'm gonna get called on for this but okay. You have to admit there's some aspect of Larry that is 'gay.' Calling eachother 'sweetcheeks'? Sitting on top of each other (literally) and kissing each others cheeks? Tell me you've seen boys at school do that to each other. Come on. Tell me, I'm listening.

Look, I don't care if you don't want me to ship Larry. I always will. You can never change the fact that their friendship means everything to me. But now something's shifted in this fanbase and suddenly it's as if it's outlawed.

If you want to tell me 'isn't this the kind of thing that the boys said they hated?' Go on, tell me if you must. But I don't care. My point is that the boys WILL NEVER KNOW, and therefore will never care. I can ship them if I like. I can write fanfiction if I like. I understand that they are actually straight. Louis has a girlfriend. I get that.

Just remind yourself that a few days ago, you probably shipped Larry too. So why did you stop? Because 'Louis and Harry don't like it'. So if that can get you to stop supporting something you said you always would, I guess it doesn't matter. Just keep in mind that whatever you say, whatever the boys say, a part of me will always secretly support Larry Stylinson.

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