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10th Jul 2012 from Twitlonger

I went ahead and reported the PA KS page for multiple violations. Here's what I submitted:

Multiple violations:
1) This is for an open-ended project - PA has existed before and will continue to exist. They are soliciting funding for one year, at which point they'll do this again. (Project Guidelines point 1 and point 2 - "projects that can be completed, not things that require maintenance to exist". This is incorrectly classified as a comics thing when really they are referring to supporting the entire Penny Arcade brand.)
2) The funding covers business expenses (they are seeking to replace the ad revenue gained, which pays for wages, insurance, etc., for employees). They are seeking to replace a source of income for their web business which is expressly prohibited. (See this Kickstarter's FAQ -- "Advertising paid for rent, wages, health insurance, utilities, all the normal stuff that you pay for when you have fourteen souls working together. That money keeps the lights on while we do the things people expect from us: thrice weekly content drops, two annual shows, the scholarships, Child's Play, etc.") The project is classified as comics because that's what they're most associated with -- but this is clearly a solicitation to cover business expenses that are not expressly connected with producing creative content. (Project Guidelines point 2)
3) The rewards are not produced by the creators - many of them are intangible rewards that are not created by the creator. (e.g., "have lunch with us" or "we'll follow you on Twitter.") (Cf. "weekends at the resort" as a prohibited reward, Project Guidelines point 3, "prohibited content".)

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