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9th Jul 2012 from twtkr

120625 [Review on the spot] Why does Kim Junsu have many male fans?

The most special mark of Kim Junsu’s first solo concert held in Taiwan university’s Gymnasium on June 23 is the wide range of his fans - regardless of ages and genders. It was also particularly noticeable that many male fans came to the concert venue alone.

Even Kim Junsu noticed this point on the stage, “I can see some male fans here and there. If you are a male fan, please make some noise”. Quite a few of male fans on the spot waved their hands and let out their ‘deep outcry’. Even the female fans at the venue tried to immitate male voice and that scene made all the audience burst into laugher.

Then, what is the reason that Kim Junsu has so many male fans like this? Out of curiosity, after the concert ended, our reporters asked some fans about it. After analyzing their answers, we came up with the conclusion that Kim Junsu’s unwavering talent is the primary reason.

Liao Fei Ling, the reporter of ‘Korean celebrity’ corner at the magazine ‘Sense of hallyu’, appraised “We were also very surprised to see this many male fans at the concert venue. This is not even a concert of a group. With this many male fans who gathered here just to see Kim Junsu’s exclusive concert, it is proved that he has such a wide range of fans.”

Another reporter explained “Recently, there are many Taiwanese men who like Korean singer. However, the fact that so many of them became fans of Kim Junsu but not of any other girlgroup has a special meaning. Because most of the men only like male singer who has talent. Today, as this many male fans came to the concert, it means that Kim Junsu’s talent is outstanding enough to turn even men into his fans.”

While being asked “Above all, is Kim Junsu’s ability really excellent?”, unanimously, everyone said “It is not simply because of his outer appearance. Because Kim Junsu is a talented man who is blessed with amazing singing ability that allows him to hit the high and low notes as freely as he wants even in an intense dance performance, there are many male fans who really like him.”

Li So Young, a fan who lives in the center of Nantou city said “I think he is gifted with lots of talents. Also, he can stir up tender sentiments while being powerful. He can be beautiful when giving out a strong scent of his masculine beauty. Men seem to particularly like him more for all of those reasons.”

Wang Eui Jung shared his own analysis “Kim Junsu is the first singer who can make me feel such warm emotions in his music. It seems like male fans not only want to learn from his singing ability but also the mournful sense that melts down every heart.”

A fan lives in Banciao, Taipei asked back “He is known for making a lot of donations and he has lots of good characteristic to follow after so will that make the male fans follow his steps too? In today’s concert, he even asked where the male fans were sitting and showed them his considerations so how can the men not like him?”

Source: TodayKorea http://www.todaykorea.co.kr/news/contents.php?code=S1N14&idxno=173503

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