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8th Jul 2012 from Twitlonger

Review from Brisbane, Australia newspaper (7 Jul)

MUSIC 7 Jul 2012
The Courier-Mail


Trespassing (RCA/Sony)

**1/2 (out of 5)

SOME artists might consider performing alongside KISS at the American Idol final the pinnacle of their career. Not Adam Lambert, who has more to give, serving up his second album since his big break on the talent show, where he was runner-up. Having already gone on to bigger success than most winners, on this latest outing Lambert stakes out a space somewhere between Darren Hayes and Prince, and at times he sounds like the self-styled successor to His Pint-Sized Purpleness, such as on the electro-funk opening title track. It doesn't hurt to have legendary producer Nile Rodgers and fellow funkster Sam Sparro along for the ride on Shady, or that Lambert gets down and seductive on Naked Love. Sure, there's some generic doof-doof among it, but on the whole Lambert seems to be striving for greatness in his chosen genre. It's synth-pop at its purest - not my bag, but perfectly formed for its target audience.

John O'Brien

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