Nate Ryan · @nateryan

6th Jul 2012 from Twitlonger

Brian France on glass cockpits: Well, there would be phases of that. It's one of ‑‑ I only share that with you because it's one of many, many things from an innovation standpoint that are on the drawing board, not all of them will happen. But, for example, that is the future if you talk to the car manufacturers, which they're always insisting and we understand why.
They want us to be as in‑step with them as possible. That your car dashboard in the future is going to be like an airplane cockpit. You'll be able to do different things with that and set it up the way you want to set it up. So the first step is for us to have a look and feel that is consistent with what they see their cars looking at on the showroom down the road.
Second part of that is there are going to be any number of things once we get this digitally done where that information out of the cockpit can be part of the racing experience for our fans in the stands or anywhere else.
I think that's our step towards technology, our step towards innovation and a step towards being aligned with the car manufacturers.

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