#StopAnimalTesting #novivisection #StopGreenHill TAKE ACTION! The XIV Commission of Italian Senate is now discussing the amendments to the article 14 voted by the Chamber of the Deputies which ban the breeding of cats, dogs and Primates for scientific research and appoints the obligation to use of anesthesia, I know this is far from the total abolition of animal experimentation, it’s just a little step but it’s very important, in particular for the case of Green Hill. Green Hill is a farm which breeds beagles for vivisection located in Montichiari (Italy). Read more about G. H. http://www.care2.com/find/site#q=green+hill

Animal activists have been fighting for years to close it down, Italian Senate may decide in the next days, 37 amendments were presented, some provide positive changes, instead some are really bad for animal welfare (ex. Sen. Ignazio Marino wants to eliminate the art. 14, he is a biologist and works on transplants from a specie to another one, for ex. From a baboon to a man). Please send an e-mail to the Italian Senate asking the Senators to vote in favor of stricter laws on animal experimentation! I wrote a sample message, please personalize it or write a new one (remember to be polite and add your name and Country at the end of the message).

Send to:
rossana.boldi@senato.it, giacomo.santini@senato.it, stefano.pedica@senato.it, cosimo.sibilia@senato.it, roberto.digiovanpaolo@senato.it, marilena.adamo@senato.it, irene.aderenti@senato.it, giorgio.bornacin@senato.it, gabriele.boscetto@senato.it, maurizio.castro@senato.it, luigi.dambrosiolettieri@senato.it, mauro.delvecchio@senato.it, sergio.divina@senato.it, raffaele.fantetti@senato.it, andrea.fluttero@senato.it, cinziamaria.fontana@senato.it, mariaida.germontani@senato.it, francescamaria.marinaro@senato.it, pasquale.nessa@senato.it, mauromaria.marino@senato.it, carlo.pegorer@senato.it, manfred.pinzger@senato.it, silvioemilio.sircana@senato.it, albertina.soliani@senato.it, salvatore.tomaselli@senato.it, simonetta.licastroscardino@senato.it

Object: Vote of the amendments to the art. 14 about animal experimentation

Sample message:
Dear Senators,
I know you are discussing about the amendments to the art. 14 about animal experimentation. As an animal lover I’m concerned about animal welfare, so I ask you not to bring worse changes to the article and to vote in favor of amendments which are more restrictive about animal experimentation. In particular I’m referring to the case of Green Hill which emotionally touched a lot of people in Italy and outside your Country. People protested in several ways: signing petitions, doing demonstrations, etc. Most Italians are against cruel animal experimentation, they show an increasing awareness and sensitivity toward the problem of the use of animals for scientific research, because animals are living sentient beings, they are not objects to experiment on. So please don’t disappoint so many people who are counting on you, save animals from the pain they are forced to endure and give the priority to people demands, not to economical interests related with animal experimentation: it would be an important sign of respect and democracy.
Thank you for your consideration,
Yours sincerely,

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