Benjamin Bannaker (Banneker, Bannaka) known as Chief Justice Big Ben Bey Emmanual Mu Ali, whom was a “Prince” that built “Hall(s) (Lodges, Temples), hence, the origin of the name “Prince Hall.” Benjamin Bannaker (aka Benjamin Franklin, Ben Bey Emmanuel Mu Ali and / or Prince Hall) was a Washitaw Mu'ur (Moorish Israelite) from the tribe Abe Naki (Abannaki, meaning the “Father of the Serpents.” They are also called the “Serpents of Wisdom”), the Bannaka comes from Bannaki [Abannaki], which was the name of the lands of the so called 'Banneker' family in Delaware, Philadelphia, Maryland and Virginia. Benjamin Bannaker (Ben Yamin Banna Ka) the head of the Order of the Mystics of Wissahickon (Note: 'Wissahickon' is another spelling for the name 'Uaxashaktun,' Ouachitun or 'Washita/w' [Wichita] and the later Europeanized name 'Washington.' Washitaw in English is "The Green Land.” In the ancient hieroglyphics of Kama'at (Egypt) The “Green Land" was Uatchita (the original name for the Nile Delta), the Ancient Moorish (Mu'urish) Order of (Mound) Builders or EL Mu'ur-ish (Moor-ish) Mystic Council (also known as, the American Rosicrucian Supreme Council [Quakers]), which was instrumental in constructing both the “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” and the “U.S. CONSTITUTION” (Originally the Constitution for the united States of America). ~ Alim El Bey

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