Here are some excerpts from Jose Baez's book Presumed Guilty. These were made available to me by a ghost reader who wishes to remain anonymous but who was appalled and disgusted by the contents of this book. Thank you, appalled and disgusted ghost reader.

Jose mentions his often-forgotten son. He wrote the wife got pregnant after he got depressed when Caylee’s remains were found in 2008 and he was so depressed (about one of his many bar complaints) that he wasn’t as happy about it as he should have been. The child was born in September 2009. So he's caylees age now. The boy’s name is Jose (surprise surprise) Sebastian Baez.

Jose’s nickname for Jeff Ashton was Tourette boy. #HowInappropriate

Lisbeth fryer pointed out Jeff Ashton had really long fingers so they started calling him rat hands. Editor’s note: not sure why Lis is focused on long fingers. Ahem.

When Jose’s depressed he takes refuge in his walk-in closet.

Jose was admitted to the ICU for a night after eating Mexican food and throwing up. #Ole

Jose bragged about how he had a great flow of income pre-Casey. (No mention of home in foreclosure.)

When discussing his past, Jose conveniently leaves out one ex-wife and and says his other ex-wife lied about the child support and so the FL bar didn't admit him for 8 years.

Jose takes the liberty of describing Casey's abuse allegations in great detail. He says Casey used to call George's penis "baldy" and referenced petting the mouse until it sneezed milk

Jose claims Casey told him the "truth" about what happened to Caylee in early 2009. #Whatever

The book includes the infamous pic of Geraldo and Jose on the boat is in the book. The never before seen images that are promised include on of Linda Kenney Baden bending over in the woods. #Gross

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