@mkibbe @FreedomWorks California Dems are worried about the Koch Brothers


Want more evidence that California is a battleground this year? Maybe the Koch brothers will convince you.

These are the billionaire right-wing tycoons who provided most of the shadow money to get the supposedly "grassroots" Tea Parties off the ground. They also used their front groups to drive the big attack on the middle class in Wisconsin.

And now the Koch brothers have come to California for a secret meeting to plot their next moves and decide which races to try and buy.

That's why now, more than ever, we need to strengthen our first public financial report since the primary. And we only have one more day to do it.

Contribute $5 today to help California Democrats make a strong statement with our first public financial report since the June primary.

With strong Democratic candidates winning their primaries this month throughout the state, we're in a great position to win a key number of congressional seats -- and help Democrats win the 25 seats it will take nationally to win back the House.

But if the Koch brothers are sniffing around, that means they know there's opportunity here, too.

And if you've seen the way they operate, that also means we know what they'll try and do about it: buy the election out from under us.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, they're planning to spend at least $400 million on the elections this November. We don't have to out-raise them, but we have to show California voters that we're building our strength.

Help California Democrats show how strong we are together. Contribute $5 now.

This year, California is a battleground state, and this proves it. The California Democratic Party is already going all-out on offense to make sure we do our part to win. Will you join us?

Thanks for being a California Democrat,

Shawnda Westly
Executive Director
California Democratic Party

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