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28th Jun 2012 from Twitlonger

June.28 Kang Minhyuk experienced one day reporter of Sports Hankook to celebrate 8th anniversary, same birthday as his.

"Please invite me again at 80th anniversary.", said he and smiled shyly.

"The ariticles with only my name is unfamiliar to me." smiled shyly.
"The praise to me as an actor is thankful, but if it's front page news, I hope it's of CNBLUE."

"I hope there's more praise to our live performance."

"Such as, how about this title? 'CNBLUE live performance hit the jackpot' (laugh)
I will write an article of a collection of audience's opinions who watched our concert.
I am curious how people felt our songs. If good concert photos were added, the article would be great to read."

Kang Minhyuk called himself 'sports mania'.
When he was asked, 'if you were a real reporter, what article do you want to write'?' he answered he really liked baseball. he blinked his eyes.
"I have been KIA fan since 7 years old. If I were a sports reporter, I want to interview the players.
When I saw the retirement ceremony of Lee Jong Beom, I almost cried. I thought, 'How I wish I was there.'
If I had written the article of his retirement, I would have titled 'Eternal hero of Korean baseball' "

When he saw the photo of Hyundai motors, Beloster, he said, "Wow I want to have this car."

He added, "If I were an economic reporter, I want to write an article which can give people a hope, although our current life is hard."

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