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27th Jun 2012 from Twitlonger

So I decided to go talk to the lady who was at the wedding in NJ this past weekend. She could not have been nicer or more willing to share her first hand account of what went down but made it clear she didn't want her personal pics ending up online. I had to respect that. She only had 2 pics of RK and said that no one took pics of them unless they asked them first. The first was of RK standing under the reception tent. K was wearing a pretty black dress with grayish ruffle piece under the bust. Rob was standing next to her. The other was of them sitting at the ceremony looking at/reading something. The lady was in the same row as them a few seats down. They looked very cute. She told me Kristen was in her black dress through the wedding and most of the reception. Once most of the adults left she changed into her jeans for the after party, which was located by the pool. (That was around 1am!) She's not sure if K borrowed the dress from Ashley (the bride's sister) or not...says it's possible. She was so cool she whipped out her cell and called the brides mother to try and ask if K had borrowed it but sadly she didn't answer. She also texted her but she didn't respond back by the time I left. :/ RK didn't dance at all. They hung out together under the tent for the majority of the night and never did anything to draw attention to themselves. Rob never DJ'ed. Something broke with the sound system and he was trying to help fix it. He also never sang, and Zac never played the bongo/drums. She said there weren't even any drums there. So there goes that story. Hah. RK asked to stay at Kevin's house bc it's "such a hassle for them to get a hotel room." I told her I knew and I was glad they were able to spend the night there. She also told me they hung out by the pool all day the next day. Lucky hobos. She said Rob was extremely handsome and Kristen was so tiny and gorgeous. She said they couldn't have been more lovely people. Oh, and they have no idea who took the tablecard setting pics but she assured me it was NOT the caterers. They would never have done that. I think that's everything she told me! If I remember more I will definitely tweet it!

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