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Zen'kiki's Goodnight Mon

In de Emerald Dream
I t'ink mebbe dere be
De two moons, White Lady and Blue Child
And some green dragons --

And Elune's owlbears before dey go wild.

And Fandral Staghelm de elf before de grief turn 'im into somethin' else.

And Azeroth before it be Sundered.
And what uncorrupted furbolgs be like, I wonder?

And de aspect Ysera, her watch to keep.
And a bunch of druids, all asleep.

And bears very storng, and cats with hot cups of mangle, and a moonfire spam hitting from every angle.
And a Tauren to teech us DURIDS IS ALWAYS FRENDS!

Goodnight Emerald Dream.
Goodnight White Lady and Blue Child.
Goodnight green dragons, and owlbears gone wild.
Goodnight Staghelm, corrupted and burdened with grief.
Goodnight furbolgs, as I run through the Timbermaw's keep.
Goodnight Ysera (and Eranikus, too).
Goodnight druids, til I take a nap with you.
Goodnight bears, and goodnight manglespam.
Goodnight Alamo.
Goodnight, mon!

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