Hey guys!
I'm going to make a video for Avalanna to show how much she means to us beliebers and that we're praying for her. If you'd like to take part here are the rules:

- Send in a picture of you holding a piece of paper that says "#PrayForAvalanna" or "We love you Mrs Bieber!" or anything similar to that.

- Make sure you put your twitter name somewhere small on the picture cause if you don't add it in yourself, it won't be added at all.

- Send the pictures to caoimhemcm06@hotmail.co.uk

- Please send in ALL pictures by June 27th.
So that I can make the video asap and make sure Justin, the crew and her parents see it. So they know we're all here for her :)

- When the video is made, I'll email it to everyone that took part AND tweet it. We need to make sure she see's it! So tweet it to whoever tweets on her account. (@Avalanna)

RT if you're gonna take part. Make sure you spread the word so we can get as many people as possible to take part!

- @iBiebersShawty, @MahoneUpdate, @iBeliebJedward <3

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