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26th Jun 2012 from Twitlonger

A few quotes from that ELLE Italy interview @_MotherFoka posted scans of:

ELLE: "Any problems during those explicit sex scenes?" (OTR)
K: "No, because sex is not the key to the movie - the characters' souls and identities are; and I'll keep Marylou in my heart forever. She's a woman who never lies when it comes to her feelings, she lives wholly, she's generous, with no faux schemes. OTR is also a desperately idealistic and romantic movie about youth. It's a walk towards maturity, with the sorrows and changes it brings."

ELLE: "You're a role model for a lot of young girls. What matters the most in your life?"
K: "Living peacefully. Trying to win my fears. Growing as a person and helping others do the same. [...]"

ELLE: "Do you live a normal life?"
K: " Of course, as long as I avoid places with 100 paps on the lookout. I go out unnoticed with my jeans, my beanies, my rhythms. Sometimes it bothers me, but cinema gave me a lot. It depends on you to open this circle of notoriety in a positive way. [...]"

ELLE: "As a student, what subjects did you like?"
K: "History, Art History, Literature, Natural Sciences... I've also always like the world of fashion, I'm not talking about the environment but the language - fashion as an expression of authentic style and creativity. I'm fascinated by Stella McCartney's great work, by Gucci's style, by Prada, by legendary brands that have a history, like Balenciaga. [...] By the way, books are my biggest passion. They keep me company when I travel for work. I always have one in my bag. Steinbeck and Carver are my favorites. My movies often have literary roots. I'm fascinated by stray and extreme lives, like Bukowski's."

ELLE: "Is it true that for years your favorite actress was Gena Rowland, Cassavates's wife and muse?"
K: "True. I'm a movie buff. My friends and I used to go to the cinema to watch Godard's movies and study the style of English actresses like Julie Christie, and French actresses: Anna Karina was special. They all had style."

"Robert and I have grown up together, and together we've gone through a lot of experiences, but we've always been honest with our work [...]."

This quote is pretty irrelevant, but I find it cute: "When I wake up in the morning I always eat bread and blueberry jam."

It's not the whole interview. I translated what seemed legit and kind of new.

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