Extremely revealing interview with DOD on KOA's Rockies Dugout. A few long-winded observations:

First, it sure seems like Tracy wasn’t (maybe still isn’t) on board with the 4-man rotation. DOD said it was clear that Tracy wasn’t comfortable with a “non-traditional” move, and at one point said Tracy doesn’t get it because he “has not really lived it,” “it” being the apparently new challenge of pitching at Coors Field.

Second, as for Coors Field, DOD contends that the 4-man rotation was largely the result of the ballpark changing, which he says he noticed in the “middle of last season.” We wouldn’t have known about his no-doubt sincere and absolutely-not-manufactured concern, though, because he acknowledges that he “didn’t really spend any time talking about it during the winter.” Notwithstanding the changed conditions, however, DOD’s apparently shelved his concerns at the beginning of the season, because he only began formulating a change to the pitching staff once Monfort told him to look into the problem after the series with the Braves. If you’re having trouble following this timeline, you’re not alone.

Third, in addition to the confusing timeline, you might also be having some difficulty following the logic of the 4-man rotation on a 75-pitch count. Fear not; it’s understandable that you don’t get it. According to DOD, “Unless you live it day in and day out you really just don’t have a true grasp of completely understanding, you know, what we’re trying to do here.” So your confusion is forgiven, albeit on grounds of ignorance. DOD clarified this by identifying those who have “lived it” and those who haven’t. Those who have “lived it” are (1) DOD, (2) the Monforts (i.e., his employers), (3) Jeff Francis (who provided some generally sympathetic comments about the 4-man rotation earlier this week), (4) Bob Apodaca, and (5) Jim Wright. Those who haven’t lived it sufficiently to “completely grasp” what DOD is doing are (1) Jim Tracy and (2) You, i.e., the fans. As to this latter group of unworthies, DOD has “tune[d] [them] out,” and is “just really not concerned” about what they think.

Fourth, despite DOD’s Manichean worldview of those who live it and those who don’t, his 4-man rotation experiment hasn’t met with unanimity in the clubhouse. In fact, DOD acknowledged that, with changes like this, there is likely to be (and apparently has been) “some resistance.” Moving away from a traditional approach, says DOD, will often be “wrought [sic] with some disagreement.”

Fifth, DOD was asked about where his 4-man experiment was headed. Notwithstanding his “true grasp” of what he’s trying to do, he replied: “I have no idea.” It could end up back with a 5-man rotation. It could become even more extreme. So notwithstanding his unique--almost unparalleled--understanding of the situation, he has “no idea where this will go.”

Sixth, and finally, DOD continues to have faith notwithstanding this disaster of a season. According to DOD, “[e]ach of” the Rockies “are going through our own Road to Damascus [sic].” I’m no theologian, but the trials of Job or the Garden of Gethsemane are the most common biblical allusions to trials and tribulations. The conversion of Paul on the Road to Damascus was a singularly revelatory event in which truth is laid bare and lies discarded. So, to use an example, anyone who still thought that DOD has the slightest business as General Manager of this ballclub likely had a Damascene conversion as a result of this interview.

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