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22nd Jun 2012 from Twitlonger

#Natwest - @CarersUK - @mssocietyuk A neighbour this morning was sitting in his driveway, tears falling from his eyes, He is the primary carer for his disabled daughter, works from home to love and care for her.

He is a proud man, and for his daughter to go from such an active person to suffer MS hit him hard, it turns out that he had to feed her for dinner last night Beans on Toast because his Natwest card failed when he tried to buy food at Morrison's yesterday, and he had been to buy food this morning before she woke up, and it still did not work.

He told me that since she was diagnosed 5 years ago, he has used all his savings up, and now relies on the money he earns from his part-time home based work & benefits.

The problem yesterday was he could not access any of the £130 he had in the bank from his Benefit payment last Tuesday, and today his £63 wages were not in the bank.

How, is he going to claim compensation from Natwest, what proof does he have etc. But in fact, he and his daughter all likely to be just two of thousands both genuinely & seriously affected.

I gave him £40 from my wallet to tied him over this morning, and he was so pleased and grateful, but there are going to be many others with no where to turn.

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