Elle Girl Tiffany interview translation:

Q: What did you like the most while promoting as TaeTiSeo?

More than anything, I was happy to be able to sing to my heart's content. Also, from the draft proposal to the pattern and also styling, we took full participation in it. I personally chose this red hair which reminded me of Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.

Q: You have a lot of interest in fashion. Suppose SNSD were to collaborate with a Korean designer on their dress, who would you like to work with?

For this album's Baby Steps performance we consulted with a designer we've always liked, Lee Jae Hyun director, and produced our dresses. The next designer I'd like collaborate with is Steve J & Yoni P! I usually like items with a wild and funky pattern.

Q: Do you organize your clothes as much as you like them? Or perhaps your clothes are scattered everywhere?

I'm always been organized, but now my room is small and we’re going to move so the clothes are piled up. I am looking forward to a big closet in the new dorm (laughter)

Q: What is your key item for this summer?

I've always liked pink to the point that the members call it a sickness. But lately my hands have been automatically going to yellow or mint colored accessories.

Q: Women will have bad days where they look in the mirror and say I look fat, whatever I wear it doesn't look pretty. Do you ever have any of those thoughts?

I know that feeling! It's especially a big matter before I go to the airport. At those times, sunglasses or lipstick is the answer. When I am not satisfied with my look, I gain confidence when I put on red lipstick.

Q: It's been several years since you've left LA and came to Seoul for your dream to become a singer. Does that once unfamiliar Seoul feel like home to you now?

The dorm definitely feels like home. However, I feel there are still many things I am learning in Seoul. I still get confused with Korean spelling. When I visit LA for just a few days I feel so well rested.

Q: SNSD's overseas activities are continuously increasing and since you are going to foreign countries and you are fluent in English there must be a lot of speaking opportunities as the representative

At official settings, for sure, and also if I go anywhere with the members or with staff. When we're deciding on the menu at a restaurant or when we go shopping, they all come looking for me. So my nickname is T-manager (laughter) Because I'm always taking care of others, lately I've started a project to take care of myself.

Q: Do you look after the members' individual activities? If you had to pick a member who is praiseworthy and you were proud of?

Whether it was the filming set of a drama or a musical performance, I went once to all the places the members were doing activities. As expected from SNSD, whether it's acting or variety, they're all good at it. In particular, I think it's really amazing that Hyoyeon comes out every week on Dancing With the Stars and completely exposes all her hard work.

Q: Do you, who always seem sweet and cheerful, ever get angry at anyone?

I get angry as much I'm happy (laughter) I'm meticulous and keen with work so there are times when I feel sorry for the people around me. I discuss with staff when a schedule has changed or there is a costume change without any warning. I am a scary person hahaha

Q: In a movie magazine interview, you said the person you respect the most is your sister, what kind of presence does your sister have?

She has been my role model ever since I was young. My sister is smart, studies well, is fun, and cooks well. She always does her best on whatever is given to her and she's good at everything. I've always wanted to be like my sister and I think I would copy her.

Q: Taeyeon said your most twinkling moment is when you are MCing Music Core. Do you agree?

Yes! Having MCing a music show for 3 years, I’ve gained confidence in it. Also, I stand in the center on Music Core (laughter) After an SM Town concert, when representative Lee Soo Man said to me, "When you speak it makes me smile with you," I felt really good.

Q: I'm curious what you would be like in front of a guy you like or when you are dating.

I can't easily approach a person I really like because it may reveal my true feelings. If I recall my past, I am the type to generously give a lot when dating. I don't know how to calculate. So I really want to meet someone who will love me as much as I love them.

Q: What thoughts make you the happiest?

Thoughts of the future. Right now I am living out the dream I had in my teens. Other members did not think we would be this successful, but not me. When I came to Korea my resolution and dream was that big. Expanding into the U.S. or other dreams like acting does not seem that far off. Of course, the way to achieving those dreams is difficult.

original korean text here: http://goo.gl/gDQke

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