My emailed letter to the Ecuador Ambassador in Canberra:
Dear Ambassador,

As a journalist and Australian citizen, I write to ask that you convey to your government my concern for the safety of my fellow journalist, publisher & Australian citizen Julian Assange.

I and many other Australians, including many journalists, hope that your government will do what our own government has failed to do - protect his human rights - by granting him asylum in Ecuador.

There is too much evidence that proves his life is at risk because he has dared to publish an unprecedented amount of material that is damaging to powerful interests, including the US government. He must not be extradited to a country such as Sweden which would facilitate a very swift hand over to the US where he faces the death penalty.

Large numbers of concerned citizens all over the world await the decision of your government. I hope Ecuador will restore our faith in government and it's responsibility to protect human rights. The greatest failure of governments around the globe today is a lack of courage. We look to Ecuador to show the world leadership.

Mary Kostakidis

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