@labSurlab #AsiloAssangeEC press release (in english):

We support asylum for Assange in Ecuador.

We want to make known our support for the asylum request made by #Assange to Ecuador's government.

Ecuador as a country that recognizes in its constitution the right to communication and defends freedom of speech can't evade its solidarity with someone who is suffering the consequences of the right to have exercised freedom of speech and who defends the right to all citizens for access to information.

We think that the granting of political asylum is the consequence of respecting the norms and principles of the international rights which are in force and available today.

We want Ecuador to make the right decision in relation to the request of asylum and we support this decision in advance.

We have started this campaign on oiga.me and ask that you support it by signing this petition:


pdf (in spanish): http://bit.ly/LjphiA

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