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Buzzmaster (2:51 PM)
Coach will be here at the top of the hour to take your questions!

Buzzmaster (2:59 PM)
Coach is here!

MikeDaTiger (Baton Rouge)
Les, Whose idea was it to put "#2 Nationally" on the SEC Championship rings, and are the players using that as motivation for this coming season?

Les Miles (3:00 PM)
I think it was really a number of people. I think we understand that it's a season where a lot was accomplished and we fell short. I think the guys recognize what it all means.

Mike (Mandeville, LA)
Any comment about Smacker's upcoming Olympic trials? Will you be in attendance? (Section 242 would love to see an on-side kick to start one of the home games in November...)

Les Miles (3:01 PM)
I will be in attendance. I don't know if she will swim, she had shoulder surgery. She earned the right to be there so I will attend with her.

Tony (Richmond, CA)
Coach, what are you main areas of concern/focus right now as you prepare for the upcoming season that you want to see improvement, and development in, leading up to the opener?

Les Miles (3:02 PM)
I just want to make sure our guys recall our culture and what makes us a better team. As long as they approach this season one game at a time one practice at a time and use the summer to prepare, we'll be fine.

Clay (Birmingham, AL)
Coach Miles, I have always wondered what head coaches talk about when they meet at the 50 yard line before the game. Both coaches are usually smiling but is it really that pleasant?

Les Miles (3:02 PM)
Generally it's that pleasant. It's in anticipation of your team playing well and competing at a high level. And really you hope that both teams come away without injury.

Les Miles (3:02 PM)
Generally it's that pleasant. It's in anticipation of your team playing well and competing at a high level. And really you hope that both teams come away without injury.

David Messerly (Chattanooga,TN)
How did you think Zach Mettenberger performed this past spring? What do you like about him?

Les Miles (3:03 PM)
Zach had a very good spring. He's a very talented thrower. He worked hard in initiating how the team would throw the ball this spring. If he maintains that effort and enthusiasm, I think he'll have a very good fall.

Matt (Chicago)
What do you want to see happen with post season play and the BCS?

Les Miles (3:04 PM)
I just want to make sure the best teams get the opportunity to play. I don't want there to be too much weight or too little weight put on a conference championship. I think it's imperative, if they're going to a four team playoff, they have to make sure they get the right guys and the right teams in a position to participate.

Harrison (NY)
Your Opinions of Missouri and Texas A&M's teams this upcoming year?

Les Miles (3:05 PM)
I think a lot was made of what would be the strength of TV. I think A-M will bring a good market for TV and a good team, a quality opponent. Missouri brings the St. Louis market and a very talented team in their own right. The competition gets keener.

dillon erie pa [via mobile]
les, its an honor to talk to you, how does this tigers squad compare to last years?

Les Miles (3:06 PM)
I don't know. It's one of those things that you don't really involve yourself with that thought process. It's about how this team will compare practice after practice and how they will compete against all teams. It will be interesting to see.

Nick (MN)
What do you expect out your your defense this season with the loss of Michael Brockers and Morris Claiborne?

Les Miles (3:07 PM)
I think both of those guys are big losses. I think it will be some young guys in the middle of our line that will have to give us real quality minutes. I think we'll be fine at CB. For us to play the same style of defense, the guys who need to step up will have to. In the past that has happened.

Dakota (Austin,Texas)
Coach, how do you and the team feel about having two more teams in the SEC?

Les Miles (3:08 PM)
The long term it will create more competition in conference. It will add strength to the conference reputation. It will be harder to go undefeated. There will be room for one loss teams to get into that four team playoff, especially if it's an SEC team.

AUTiger0325 (The SEC Blog)
How do you manage expectations with a team that is being so highly touted preseason, especially one that has had so much success in recent years?

Les Miles (3:09 PM)
I think the expectations are managed very comfortably in how we played in the last game. We understand if we don't play our best, we take a chance of not living up to those expectations.

Shaka , Bx [via mobile]
Les, have you ever recruited in NY? What are some of the things the North Eastern coaches can do to get to the level of Southern football on the hi school level? NJ has tremendous football, that's about it

Les Miles (3:10 PM)
I think quality football players are quality football players, from any region. It depends on their skills and abilities. I think there are quality guys in the north. We have greater proximity in the south. We will on occasion recruit coast to coast, there's just an ease with the southern player.

Buzzmaster (3:17 PM)
Be sure to check out Coach's Twitter, @LSUCoachMiles....back to your questions!

cameron (colimbia, S.C)
Coach, Do you think South Carolina and LSU is goin to be a defensive struggle?

Les Miles (3:19 PM)
Two great defenses, I recognize it will be a very very defensive game. It will be a great team.

Les Miles (3:20 PM)
I have really enjoyed my time at ESPN. Another great trip. I look forward to coming back when the coaching staff goes through the carwash.

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