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Adam and Queen on RMF Extra

Today, 17 June (15:01)
Considered one of the most important bands in the history of music, composers of many unforgettable hits – the band Queen. After a years-long break, they return to the stage with a new vocalist. Marta Grzywacz talked to the members of the group and their new frontman Adam Lambert ahead of their July show.

Adam Lambert

Marta Grzywacz, RMF FM: How do you feel next to a legend of music such as Queen?

Adam Lambert: The atmosphere which Brian and Roger create is extremely warm, both of them are very natural, normal yet very taken by the fact that they are singing songs which they’ve created and which the public still wants to hear. No one has a big ego there. You can just be yourself with Brian and Roger and that is great.

You are much younger than them, weren’t you a bit scared of them?

No, I wasn’t scared of them. If there was any fear between us then our music, which we are creating together, wouldn’t sound good. Freddie was courageous, strong and that inspires me. Of course, I am honoured that I can be with them and am aware of the big heritage that I am dealing with. But you know how I think about that? – we have lots of great music to play and we are going to have a blast playing it.

How did your first meeting with Brian and Roger look?

Our first meeting took place during the final of the American edition of ”Idol” in 2009. But there was so much going on then that I didn’t even have time to think: Oh God, I’m on stage with Queen! That didn’t hit me, even though I knew that it was a huge moment. However, I do remember how Brian came up to me and said: You know what? I woke up this morning, looked at the rising sun and thought: how wonderful it is to be alive! And I thought: What an amazing guy! He has such an unusual, positive energy! We had an awesome gig together then and we knew immediately that it would be fun to work together in the future.

Is that collaboration or your solo career the most important thing for you right now?

To be on stage with Queen is a great honour for me, which gives my career a shine but I started making records because I had my own ideas for music. Playing with Queen is an honour and I hope we’re not doing it for the last time, but I am putting my second album “Trespassing” first.

Which was just released in Poland. What kind of album is it?

It is pop, but with a rock and roll energy. There’s also funk and dance and ballads, songs with a slower tempo, more moody, more profound. This album shows both sides of my personality. My joy of life, rebelliousness and distance which I have to myself. Maybe thanks to this people will understand who I am and what moves me. After all, these feelings apply to all of us. We all have good and bad days, when we’re having fun, when we’re together and when we’re having a tough time. I’m very glad that you can find a full spectrum of emotions on this album.

Are you really a rebel?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes I am very rebellious. But I say about myself: a rebel with a smile. I’m not an asshole, I respect people, have a friendly attitude toward them, I’m nice but I don’t let people run me over. And I really like breaking rules.

Do you think you have anything in common with Freddie?

A fondness of theatricality, he too had no concerns about getting to the top, he loved melodic songs and loved singing. There are differences as well, but when I watch Freddie’s performances I feel a kinship between us in how we tackle music, in the way he approached his own performances on stage. It’s difficult to talk about this, I can’t be objective about this matter but I do, without a doubt, model myself on Freddie as an artist.

I know you openly talk about being homosexual. Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half. He’s from Finland.

Does he live with you in Los Angeles?

Yes, we’re been living together in LA for a year, and now he has come with me to London. We’re both very happy about this relationship and we’re happy together.

Is he a musician as well?

No, he’s “reality star”. In 2007, he won Finnish Big Brother and we met three years later when I was there on my tour. It was love at first sight.

You talk about your sexual orientation bravely, others don’t do that.

I’ve turned 30 and I don’t have time to be scared of what others think. It’s not my problem. I worry about my own happiness. I want to be honest, I want to be myself. When I stopped performing in theatre, where I could be anyone and everyone, and started performing on the music scene as myself, I was very excited.

And your parents accept that?

Yes, they are great. In this aspect, I had a comfortable upbringing. My parents accepted me and being gay in the art world isn’t that tough, though I understand that it can be hard for some.

Your parents don’t worry that you won’t have children?

I can have children. I can adopt and there are surrogate mothers. Furthermore, I can make a baby. I can do it all.

You say: comfortable upbringing. Does that mean you had a happy childhood in San Diego?

My childhood was amazing. I have a brother who is two years younger and my parents are awesome. When I was born, they were young and relaxed.

Were they musicians?

Fans of music. My dad was a DJ at college and had a huge collection of vinyl records and mom knew the lyrics to all the songs that were playing back then. My brother plays the piano because we had a piano at home. At the age of 10, I started getting involved in musical theatre. My parents did encourage me to try different kinds of activities, including sports, but I didn’t like it that much. The moment that I became interested in music, I found that this was the thing I could finally be good at. So from an early age I was into music.

Did you study?

Well, I started my studies but I went to university for only 5 weeks and then I quit.

What did you quit from?

Theatre studies. I came to the conclusion that someone like me would learn more from real life experience than in a classroom. I rather wanted to perform and learn this profession on my own.

You must have had thick skin…

Yes, but I could only learn this through real life experience. I had to dive straight into show business, get to experience rejection, hear “no” and understand how tough it is in this profession. This made me a stronger artist and person.

And are you ok with criticism?

At this stage in life? Are you kidding? Of course! I am used to it. I hear awful things about myself all the time. I accept it as just another thing in life.

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