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17th Jun 2012 from Twitlonger

vai @TalwarPankaj ~
Hindu Philosophy and Kali Yuga predictions in western classical music and film

I am pleased to advise you that 3 powerful and poetic films of the poet and philosopher Gopi Warrier are now on You Tube. These are beautifully made in a western idiom and English Poetry for a world-wide audience using western classical music even an "a cappella" Choir group to sing English poetry with Hindu philosophical themes.

In case the words are not clear from the song you can read them at the end of each film.

Please see following three films exactly in order:

1. Title of film on youtube: "Gopi Warrier's Any Takers":
Containing predictions for Kali yuga

2. Title of film on you tube: "Gopi Warrier's Trapeze":
Dealing with the Degeneration of mankind

3. Title of film on youtube: "Gopi Warrier's Godsports":
Liberation and the dance of Lord Shiva as Nataraja

All these three films are based on predictions from Indian philosophy about the nature of KALIYUGA which we are NOW experiencing when mankind and its rulers will degenerate into an amoral, dehumanized and mutated species devoid of truth or ethics led by corrupt politicians, media and market forces interested only in money, power and fame that will lead to its final collapse.

True liberation can only be achieved by God Consciousness, as explained in the magnificent three words Sat, Chit and Ananda.

These films based on Gopi Warrier poetry to music composed by classical British composer and associate composer of the London Symphony Orchestra, REBECCA DALE and Hollywood camera and special effects director JON BUNKER puts Hindu philosophy in a powerful international format for western audiences.

You must definitely see and circulate link widely as more Indians and westerners should see it to know what the value of Indian Heritage is.

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