If you are in the UK, please copy/paste + send to your MP to help #Ahwazis being persecuted:

Dear ...,

I am writing to you to urge you to sign Early Day Motion 184 on the persecution of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran.

Although their protests have been peaceful, Ahwazi Arabs are faced with massive land confiscation, violent repression that has led to scores of deaths, well-documented institutional discrimination and
persecution as the Iranian government seeks to consolidate its hold on their oil-rich homeland.

Amnesty International has this week issued an Urgent Action on behalf of five Ahwazi Arab prisoners facing imminent execution for peacefully campaigning against a policy of ethnic cleansing against this
indigenous group (please see:

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s latest human rights report on Iran highlights the violence against ethnic minorities by the security forces in April 2011 when Ahwazi Arabs staged a "Day of Rage" in solidarity with the Arab Spring protests. The FCO stated that the worst government violence was seen in Khuzestan “where local Arabs planned to march in solidarity with other protests across the region.

Reports indicated that several hundred protestors were arrested and live ammunition was used, with more than 30 people killed.” It adds: “Iran’s ethnic minorities regularly suffer discrimination on account of central and local-level government policies. Although the
constitution guarantees equality, ethnic minorities in Iran aresubject to discriminatory practices, including property confiscations, denial of state education and employment, and cultural and linguistic restrictions. Iran’s ethnic minorities continue to be affected by
apparent government bias, fuelling ethnic-based political violence.”

While the British government lacks direct leverage over Iran, it can take action through the United Nations to implement the recommendations made by the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review on Iran of 2010 that call for the guarantee of the protection of the civil and political rights of all, particularly dissidents and
members of minority groups and the end of torture and secretdetention.

The EDM calls for the UN Special Rapporteur on Iran Ahmed
Shaheed, who the Iranian government has declared "ignorant and biased" and has so far refused to permit him entry, to be given unimpeded access to the region and interview Ahwazi Arab political prisoners.

Yours sincerely,

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