Dan Slott · @DanSlott

12th Jun 2012 from Twitlonger

Dear comic book reviewer, PLEASE stop lowering the bar for "set-up" issues and 4 minute reads. Far too often I'll see a review that starts "Well, this is just a set-up issue, so..." NO, damn it! Demand MORE from your comics! No more grading on a curve!

Most of these things cost $4. SOMETHING should ACTUALLY happen in those 20 or so pages! You should be getting a FULL unit of entertainment! Can it be a chapter of of larger/greater story? Sure. But it should still be a full "meal" in and of itself-- not a partial serving or an appetizer of something to come.

I don't care if it's the best damn prepared appetizer in the world. For 4 God forsaken dollars it should entertain me for more than 4 freaking minutes!

And if it doesn't? HELL, YEAH you should deduct points for that! No more 5 star appetizers! I'd rather have a 4 star MAIN COURSE! No more sizzle-- bring on the STEAK!

*soapbox disengaging*

*returning to your regularly scheduled broadcast*

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