Once again the weather is causing problems for much of our wildlife.

With rain and winds set to continue to batter the UK for the next couple of days, the consequences for our swifts could be severe. Although many may choose the refuge of their nests, they still need to feed. As they are aerial feeders, they catch insects on the wing so will emerge to feed, but insects will be in short supply until temperatures warm up again.

Swifts may be found grounded - they will be exhausted, weak and malnourished.

Please remember, swifts are strictly insectivorous and incorrect feeding can cause deformities and even death. Much of the information available online and in books is outdated and incorrect. They should never be fed cat food, minced beef etc. A grounded swift should not be re-launched until it is properly assessed and it should never be thrown in the air.

Please visit Swift-Conservation for a list of carers. They also treat swallows and martins, who will be struggling too. http://swift-conservation.org/SwiftFirstAid.htm

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