Ana · @Nymeth

8th Jun 2012 from Twitlonger

Your tl;dr Tweet of the day: tweeting my own content more than once (or even at all when it's not posted automatically by my feed) makes me extremely uncomfortable. You might be wondering, then, why I've started doing it. The reason is that this is a very easy and accessible way for me to practice doing things that make me uncomfortable, such as putting myself out there, in a relatively safe environment. And this is something I really need to do, because my inability to do this kind of thing has really hurt my job search over the past year. I'm not going to spam you every half an hour or anything - I'll just tweet a link and description in the evening in addition to the automatic tweet Feedburner generates. I'm hoping that with practice this kind of thing will start coming to me more easily, and who knows? Maybe I'll even become more confident in the process. (Of course, a truly self-assured person would feel no need for this long explanatory tweet, but hey - baby steps, right?)

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