Dear ABDC,
It's AMERICA'S Best Dance Crew NOT Producer's Best Dance Crew. The objection of your show is to pick the crew that America thinks is the best. I don't think you're actually listening to America. RNG are much better than 8 Flavahz. RNG are dancers not a group of cheerleaders who decided to make a dance crew. To me all 8 Flavahz do are a ton of tricks. Seriously, they only use a couple of real dance moves in their entire routine. Yes, they are good but RNG are completely amazing. I think you're entire show is rigged to how the producers want it to be. All of your judges just favorite 8 Flavahz and have loads of sympathy towards them. You can tell me "No we are just doing what America wanted" well GUESS WHAT? AMERICA LOVES RNG NOT THOSE LITTLE FRUITS. In my opinion this is the same thing that happened to the boyz last year. Yeah the ICONic boyz,the real America's Best Dance Crew. How come last year the boyz were never in the bottom two then at the end magically lost? Yeah explain that to me. 8 Flavahz can't dance anywhere near as good as RNG. So the point of the matter is, LISTEN TO AMERICA YOU BUNCH OF UNEDUCATED TWATS.

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